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Welcome to the BBKB, home of the radio show transmitted on SLAY Radio every Wednesday at 20:00 local Swedish time. Your hosts are Alistair “Boz” Bowness and Kate “K8-Bit” Lorimer.

The show mainly plays requests of Commodore 64 SID remixes, but also bends the rules a little by playing Amiga MODs and remixes, along with other console, computer and arcade formats. A regular feature is Have You Heard This, where we also play tunes from the PC demo scene.

Have a listen! You can listen live, of course, but you can also look for our past shows on SLAY Radio’s archive.

Make it So! BBKB 2017-08-16

Engage! It's time for Him 'n Her to assault your ears and insult your intelligence again. Boz utters complete bollocks in between your requests and, thankfully, Kate is here to translate some of it into English. All the usual gubbins including the First Request...
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Post-Gathering BBKB 2017-08-09

Everyone seems to have survived the last Gathering, so it's time to move along and get back to doing what Kate and Boz do best - talking utter bollocks in between your requests. All the usual gubbins of course - the First Request Competition, On This Day and Have You...
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Sleep Deprivation Ahoy! 2017-07-26

Last night was terrible for sleep for both hosts, so the question is, will Kate be able to stay awake for the show? And what about Boz? Well, he'll tape his eyelids open and stick a couple of matchsticks in the way, but if you hear snoring, just give him a virtual...
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It's Wednesday and it's time for another BBKB! K8-Bit is here to translate the random utterings coming from Boz. All the usual gubbins are included as well. All starting at 20:00 CEST / 19:00 BST / 18:00 UTC. All aboard the Train-Wreck, WOO WOOH! Facebook...
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The K Files [2017-06-21]

It's another Taint of the Week™ so it's time for another BBKB. But there's a mystery to be solved - will Kate join Boz tonight? Sounds like a case for Mulder and Scully. All the usual gubbins in between your requests, starting from 20:00 CEST / 19:00 BST / 18:00 UTC....
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