It’s another Taint of the Week™ and it’s Pi Day (3.14 in American date formats)! It’s time for Boz to talk utter bollocks in between your requests. Thankfully Kate is here to translate some of it into English. Coming atcha starting 20:00 CET / 19:00 UTC / 14:00 ET with… Continue Reading The Hit Man and Her are BACK! 2018-03-14

It’s another Taint of the Week™ and what’s more, it’s Valentine’s Day!!!111FOURTEEN! w00t….   Anyway, Boz is twiddling with his knobs while playing your requests. Kate is on another Secret Mission™ to find Cupid’s hidden underground lair and destroy him, thus ending the last remaining morsel of romance on this doomed… Continue Reading Twang….. THUNK!