Fascinating Facts

Here’s some Fascinating Facts about the BBKB.

  • BBKB stands for “Bozzy Bytes Kate’s Bits”. We were trying to keep it similar to the old show “BBB” (which stood for “Boz’s Bit o’ Bollocks”).
  • A release of several albums at once is called a “Quablum”. This word was invented by Kate.
  • Brian is Boz’s brain. It lives in a Petri dish by the front door of Boz HQ™ and is half-filled with a saline solution. Sometimes Boz forgets to change the solution and that’s when he isn’t quite his usual self, forgetting simple things and being crap at talking. (The name Brian comes from a typo that Boz made on IRC and it stuck.)
  • Boz and Kate are in different parts of the world (Sweden and Scotland), but thanks to TeamSpeak 3 which has a high-quality codec, they have a “good enough” solution with low enough latency that they can co-host the show.
  • The first BBKB was broadcast on May 11, 2016. The first BBB was broadcast on November 3, 2004.